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It’s my birthday!!

(More to come when I wake up!)

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When Jack Warner was casting the movie My Fair Lady, Julie Andrews, who played the original Eliza Doolittle on Broadway, was overlook for the part, that was given to Audrey Hepburn.

That made her available to accept Mr. Disney’s invitation to play Mary Poppins.

At the 22nd Golden Globes, when she won the best actress award (she was up against Audrey for My Fair Lady), she had her sweet revenge.

how to shade, with class.

Julie Andrews is the queen of everything

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Twenty-five years and three days later, reality takes a tip from fiction and charts “Weird Al” Yankovic’s new album Mandatory Fun at number one, with over 100,000 sales during it’s first week. In his 31 year long career, with 14 studio albums to his name, this is the first time he’s hit the top- and the first comedy album by ANY artist to hit #1 since 1960! Congratulations, Al! image

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Julie Andrews refusing a Tony Award nomination for Victor Victoria, 1996.

Balls of Steel and Dignity to boot.

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Julie Andrews sharing the story of how she started writing children’s books.


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do you think God ever gets sad like “what do you mean you don’t love yourself i worked so hard on you….”

…why is this so uplifting

I’m not even religious and this makes me smile.


I need this tonight

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i was ready to just scroll past like “haha grammar humor” but then it was weird al and i,

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"Are you and Sam.... dating? :O"

Asked by Anonymous



I get this exact question all time, and the answer is “no”. Sam and I have been friends for more than 10 years, best friends actually. I don’t know where I would be without him.

On a different but similar note… I have a wonderful boyfriend — going on 3 years— his name is Paul. He is an amazing person and very talented. We can thank him for translating the early seasons of Pokemon and the movie. Not forgetting to mention, Yu-gi-o, One Piece, and Kirby to name a few. He is the other piece to my Venn diagram. His Tumblr name is Ownnil, if you have any questions for him.

Sam, Paul and I hang out all the time, that’s the way it should be. If Paul had a problem with Sam, it wouldn’t work out as great as it is. I dated someone before who wouldn’t let me hang out with my friends, including Sam. My life lacked luster… I would never let anyone control my life that way again, no one should tell you how to run your life, with the exclusion of parents, teachers, etc, within reason of course.